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We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the lights.  99% of our customers do not turn on the lights until November 22 because of HOA. So, we have time to fix them.  All we do for the first few weeks of the season is install lights, we are limited on the days we have because of the weather, and we only have so many employees.  We check the lights after hanging and make sure they are all working.

BUT — Here are some reasons they might not work – and, we can fix any of them:

  1. The new style clips are thicker which sometimes makes it so the connection in the socket and the bulb do not connect. – we can fix later
  2. With the temperature changing daily it causes the plastic socket to expand and then contract which causes the bulbs to become loose in the socket which then makes them look like they are burned out even after the crew checks them. – we can fix later
  3. The bulbs were working, got warm then some went out. – we can fix later
  4. They install LED lights which you can not tell if they are working during the day, go out on a sunny day and turn them on and look. – we can fix later
  5. At the time of installation, you had no power to the outlet to check them and no-one was at home. – We can fix later, please make sure you have power at the outlet when we are scheduled to be back.

LED’s are great but there is no way to tell which ones are lit or out during the day!  So if you have LED lights please upload a picture to show us where the lights are out.  If you are unable to do that please make a rough sketch of your house and show us where the lights are out.  Please help us by leaving the sketch taped to the front door starting Nov. 15th and we will take it off the door when we fix the lights.

Thank you for your patience and assistance in identifying which bulbs to fix.