Custom Christmas Lighting, LLC – Policies

All lights will be taken down from Jan 2nd thru Feb 15th unless other arrangements have been made through our website Light Removal page before December 21st.

TIMERS – We do not sell timers.  We do not set or program timers.  We do not store timers.  If a customer puts a timer on the lights we install, we ask that they please remove it and store it before our crews come out to remove the lights.  If we find a timer, we will leave it where the customer put it.  We are not responsible for customer’s timers.

We offer free light storage.  We store your lights in a safe warehouse during the offseason.  All bulbs are checked and replaced as needed during this time.  We offer this convenience so that when we come back to reinstall the lights for the following year, nobody needs to be there or remember to set the lights out.  The same applies to removal.

If you do not have us install your lights the following year, we will store your lights for 1 more year.  If the lights are not installed by us the second year, we recycle the lights.

If you do not want us to store your lights, please advise us using the contact form on our website before January 1st.  If we are instructed NOT to store your lights, we will leave them at your house and will not carry forward your warranty the next year.  If we stored your lights and you’d like to come and pick them up, please use the contact form to arrange your pick-up time with the office manager.  We do not deliver lights to you if we are not hanging them.

We are not responsible for any damage to lights if lights have been removed by the customer.  Furthermore, we are not responsible for damage to the lights if they are stored by the customer, reinstalled by the customer or another installation company, or anyone else other than CCL.

Offices will be closed for the holidays from Dec 21 thru Jan 1st.  There are no repair warranties on lights or installation after Dec 21st each year.  Warranties are in effect again when we re-install your lights the following year.

Any previous season’s account balances are due before the current season’s reinstallation can be scheduled.

We ask that customers refrain from submitting a fix ticket until the week before Thanksgiving.  We also ask that customers hold off on reporting bulbs out until there are at least 3 bulbs out.  Fix Tickets can only be submitted through our website.  We do not schedule adjustments or repairs without a Fix Ticket, a phone call or voicemail is not sufficient.

If we are responding to a Fix Ticket and the cause of the issue ends up being something outside of the scope of our service, i.e. – The dog or a squirrel chewed up the wire, customer plugged more things into the outlet the lights are plugged into and blew a fuse, a blowing tree limb knocked lights off the house, etc., there will be a $50.00 service charge.

There are no warranties covering weather-related damage to your lights.  A $50.00 service charge will be applied.

As of January 1st of each year, any customer with an outstanding balance on lights or installation charges will not be scheduled for light removal until full payment is received.  If full payment is not received by January 1st, the customer will be responsible for any additional collection fees and all legal fees that occur to collect payment.

CCL is not liable for clogged gutters, downspouts, or underground pipes.