Energy Efficient – LED Lights

We only offer our customers the best, which is why we only sell LED lights to our new customers. For existing customers who currently have incandescent bulbs, we are happy to retrofit your lights to LED’s for only the cost of the product, labor is on us!

Here are some benefits of our LED Christmas lights:

  • Use 80% less electricity, which saves significantly on your power bill.
  • Long-lasting, 50,000 hours! (that’s over 5 years running 24/7!!)
  • Rugged; no glass bulbs to break
  • Brilliant colors that will not fade or flake
  • Quality products – We use only the best products and equipment. All of our products are commercial grade.
  • Minimal heat generated for maximum safety
  • Each bulb uses 0.65 watts instead of 6.00 watts at 120V, no worry about overloading circuits.

Superior Products

At Custom Christmas Lighting, LLC, we give you a professional job by working with only commercial grade lighting. There is a big difference between the lighting that is sold in retail stores and the lighting we hang.

Heavy-duty, commercial-grade wiring will last for years. We use this grade of wiring on every job. Consumer-grade wiring will break down in the 3rd year. We have customers who have been with us for 10+ years and still using their original product. And remember, we custom fit the lengths needed to trim your house with no gaps and no coils of extra wire and bulbs.


We store the custom cut lights for every customer. All your lights are packed in bins during the off season. We store them in our warehouse until the following year. Storage is FREE, it comes with the service!

If at any time during the off-season you need your lights back, you are more than welcome to come into the office and pick them up. We no longer bring them out to your house; All we ask is that you give us 48 hours notice so we can get them out of the warehouse and have them ready for you at the office. At the time of pick up, we ask that you sign a confirmation that you picked them up and they were all ok, and sign a liability release form.

Lifetime Guarantee

We give a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE on our lights for as long as you are a customer. This means that you will never have to worry about lighting failures for as long as we hang your lights. Even if it’s 5 degrees and snowing, we’ll come out and take care of any problems that you may have.

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